Course curriculum

In addition to a robust curriculum supported by videos, students will receive 6-months access to their own "sandbox" and tooling (GitHub Codespaces, BigQuery, dbt) to complete the course exercises.

    1. Welcome to AEC!

    2. Course Overview

    3. Exercise: Set up your development environment

    4. Exercise: Connect to the aec-students BigQuery project

    5. Exercise: Write your first query

    6. Example solution: Write your first query

    1. Chapter Notes

    2. Introduction

    3. Moving Around

    4. Homeward Bound

    5. Creating Files and Folders

    6. Vim & Text Editing

    7. Environment Variables

    8. Dot Files

    9. Sourcing a File

    10. Exercises: Command line basics

    11. Chapter Extras

    1. Chapter Notes

    2. Introduction to Git

    3. What are version control, Git, and GitHub?

    4. Why use Git?

    5. Building our mental model for Git

    6. Level 1: Using git for code stored on your computer

    7. Level 2: Hosting a repo on GitHub

    8. Level 3: Using branches and pull requests

    9. Checkpoint

    10. Exercise: Add to a Git repo

    1. Chapter Notes

    2. What is a merge conflict?

    3. How/why does this happen?

    4. How do I handle a merge conflict?

    5. Option 1: Using the GitHub editor

    6. Option 2: Using the command line (recommended)

    7. How can I avoid merge conflicts? Or at least make my life easier?

    8. What about rebase?

    9. How to rebase

    10. Why we prefer rebasing

    11. You got this!

    12. Exercise: Handling merge conflicts

    13. Example solution: Handling merge conflicts

    14. Exercise: SQL style

    15. Chapter Extras

    1. Chapter Notes

    2. Setting the Scene

    3. What is dbt?

    4. Using dbt: Install dbt

    5. Using dbt: Creating a dbt Project

    6. Using dbt: Connecting to a data warehouse

    7. Using dbt: Telling dbt to run

    8. Using dbt: Changing the way dbt builds your models

    9. Using dbt: Creating dependencies between models

    10. Using dbt: Understanding DAGs

    11. Checkpoint

    12. Exercise: Build a dbt project

    1. Adding tests to a project

    2. Generating Documentation

    3. Adding Sources

    4. Exercise: dbt tests, docs and sources

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  • 6-months access to a personal "sandbox"

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